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One of our more naturally heart-warming girls, Vanessa is so pure as she brings joy to whatever environment she finds herself in. It’s easy to see from looking at her when she is happy that she has such a genuine and soothing smile. Her teeth are perfectly aligned, and lips are soft and succulent. You will be drawn to each word that leaves her mouth while simultaneously wondering what other pleasures you can get from her mouth. So cute in person but her cuteness doesn’t come with shyness. She is extremely confident but not in a way that over powers people she is with it helps uplift them. She really enjoys being a people pleaser and will stop at nothing other than achieving her goals.

She is a stylish dresser and is inclined to the finer things so she would like nothing more than to be wined and dined at any of the local restaurants. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to get down and dirty at the end of the night i mean all girls still like to have fun it just makes it even more thrilling when it’s not expected from how innocent she looks. She is guaranteed to make your evening perfect so contact us to allow it to happen.