Bayswater Escorts

Located in the Westminster area this classy and posh area is home to some of the richest residents which only makes the area reflect this. One of the most famous attractions are the Royal Albert Hall. Our girls completely reflect the area on their exterior. They dress with class and respect but of course some of their assets will show with their skin-tight dresses. They are well-mannered and respectful but more importantly know how to let their hair down when needed. Our girls will be the cherry on top to make your time in Bayswater perfect. 

How do we pick our girls?

We often get asked how we pick our girls even though we think it’s obvious. If you look through our gallery you will see the most stunning girls on offer. Some of big breasts some have and amazing ass. Their beauty isn’t just in the body but their face. Warming eyes and lips to die for our girls are truly blessed. These looks are more than enough to grab your attention and are usually what dream girls look like. This unrivalled beauty is of course a major factor on why we pick the girls we do but personality plays a big part. Looks isn’t the only reason we have the girls we do. We believe a pretty faces and body can only do so much, but we like to have a naughty spark in the mind as that is what makes moments special.  

A girl that can out you through a roller coaster of positive emotions all while they take you for the ride as they out what they have been blessed with to good use. The ability to create the moments you won’t forget is why we have the girls we do. Of course, everyone has their preference on who they are more attracted to but it’s much better when the girl you are attracted to knows just how to get you going by doing all the right things imaginable. Empathy and caring nature are equally as important. The ability to understand someone, listen and please them is easier when they can communicate on a deeper level. This is why we are confident with every girl we have on our roster as they are hand-picked to perfection.


Secrecy is a big part of our morals and our girls will never make the nature of the two of you public with their actions or dress sense. This is why they are perfect for our calls and public meetings as they fit in well with the Bayswater area. They only stand out due to their beauty. Happy to meet you in private our girls know how to arrive and leave without making a fuss. Their main aim is your happiness and that is all the focus will be on. This understanding is what makes our girls special so whether you are looking for a girlfriend experience, a party girl or private encounter to remember, your secrete is safe with us and the best thing is you know where to find us again when you want more.